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I never had time to pursue drawing and painting until I retired from a loving career that absorbed 10-12 hours of my time. After moving from Miami to Central Florida, I realized I had more time to

pursue my passions.


So, in 2019 I rediscovered myself. I became 

employed at a social painting company. 

This obligated me to search for ideas for my 

teaching classes. Soon after, I joined an oil

painting series class on landscapes. 

Once I had accumulated a couple of

paintings, I wondered about entering a 

museum and gallery judged event. The

paintings were accepted, even sold. In between,

I sold my paintings through my social media accounts. In a blink of an eye, I began getting commissions to paint personalized and higher-self portraits.  


It has only been one year and a half and I currently hold a waiting list for paintings; I have had to put on hold gallery exhibits. This proves, if you align yourself with your dreams, the universe aligns everything so you can manifest them.



Jan 2020

Orlando Museum of Art: Best of 2019

(Downtown Orlando)

Feb 2020

City Arts Gallery: Nailed It Exhibit

(Orlando Art District)

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