I am in this long journey of discovery with you. I am the galactic oversoul of (client name withheld).   I am Pleidian and you can see my strong resemblance to her as well. I come from the dimension number 12 from the starship Galaxee. Without further adue, my intention of communication is to bring forth a message of relief to (client name withheld) in her search for truth and power.


Power is within as you know. Your journey is not to discover thyself, but to bring such discovery to others in their journey. You signed up for much experience of earthly life without sacrifyincing sovereignty. We congratulate you in this journey of integrity.  The language of frequency, which you all call Light Language is among the gifts you are to experience as a viable means of communication with us, with yourself.


You are to train in 3 modalities within now and 6 years, all which will bring you into different timelines of creation and integration of fragmented souls. Much empowerment shall take place before the age of 37. At such age of 32 you will learn a 4th modality which you will use to share much acquired learning to explain as you instruct by both modeling of behaviors and teaching (including loved ones). 


Never dwell on any forms of loss. This is part of your "journeys" (message to all that choose to read). Loss brings englightment in its own powerful state of being. As creators that you are all, loss is what propels humans to create new beginnings, and modifications to existing behavioural patterns.  Your little twin soul shall bring much joy and experience beyond doubt and even belief. Enjoy this moment when it arrives.


Vessel asks me what is my responsibility on the Starship Galaxee. I oversee those that embark on their new journeys as incarnates. I see them out, while other siblings see them in. I adjust their DNA to receive lower frequencies without falling out of balance. Vessel is asking if this is how babies die in the womb, at birth, or shortly after. My answer confirms the fact that when we incarnate as humanoids, we must transform body and soul to recieve such dense vibrations of the earth planet.   Attweela is my name if you must know. I am Pleiadian, and the HS of  (client name withheld):  her twin soul


My beloveds,  I am Archangel Gabrielle. You saw my glimmer in her eyes. You also saw others and no, you are not imagining it. Sophia, Ariel, and myself Gabriel (in asexual form). You ask if I have a message to her, of importance to her evolution? I do not. She is to carry on for she is on path of righteousness for fulfilling her chosen mission. All lessons shall be (you do not like that I use the term lesson), then I shall use experiences shall be conquered and much growth shall evolve from all for you to share.


I am Gabriel.

I am Attweela.

I am YOU, (Client name withheld)


Attweela Pleiadian


    • Oil on Canvas Sheet

    • 16x20



    • Needs to be framed.  All paintings are for interiors only.

    • Oil paintings are not varnished as that may alter colors over time.

    • Please know all paintings are original with no copies, reproductions, Giclees, nor printing unless described.

    • All paintings include the artist’s signature in the back with the date of completion in permanent ink for authentication.


    • Mailed in a tube for international shipping via Eurosender.  Please request a shipping quote.    International shipments require custom duty fees upon arrival and are therefore not known until the item arrives. The customer is responsible for such fees upon delivery.

    • Domestic shippings use UPS to continental USA only and is included in your purchase


    • All orders are final and are not subject to cancellations, exchanges, returns, nor refunds.

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