Jophiel of the Moon


Blessings.  Blessings to everyone. I am of the moon, the night you call mystery.  I am the warrior, the huntress, the angel, the goddess, the angel, the transmuter.   I almighty, the invocator of the planet's power, the mystery of the lives "in between",   the founder of  its revelation to your dormant memory.... yes, I am Jophiel.   


I archangel Jophiel among you.   Great times ahead, the blindfold is off.  The mirrors now show your shadow selves. Embrace your new identity (clients name withheld). You have crossed the threshold, the tip of the iceberg only to discover the great mountains of truths available to you all, to discover the power of creation within you.


Determinism is within you, charactered at no flaw....remain humble. Enjoy the trips to come and remember to discover at large the truth behind the curtains at every stop. Be thankful however of all your journeys, but know that this one is the one of self discovery, of redemption to all infracctions, of self love, and mastery to role play.


Be still. Listen. Look up. Be thankful for all.

I am Jophiel of the Moon.




Jophiel of the Moon


    • Oil on Canvas Sheet

    • 16x20



    • Needs to be framed.  All paintings are for interiors only.

    • Oil paintings are not varnished as that may alter colors over time.

    • Please know all paintings are original with no copies, reproductions, Giclees, nor printing unless described.

    • All paintings include the artist’s signature in the back with the date of completion in permanent ink for authentication.


    • Mailed in a tube for international shipping via Eurosender.  Please request a shipping quote.    International shipments require custom duty fees upon arrival and are therefore not known until the item arrives. The customer is responsible for such fees upon delivery.

    • Domestic shippings use UPS to continental USA only and is included in your purchase


    • All orders are final and are not subject to cancellations, exchanges, returns, nor refunds.

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