Thy resonance of sound, thy shimmers of light, thy writings of sacredness, 

all abounding in plentiful love for all that is.   My love is ever present, my joy is everlasting.  My missions have been many.  Tears, deceit, all transmuted by divine intention:  YOURS. Ours.  Know you carry the frequency.  The code to this power lies witin your sacred creation.  Revelations of your birth have been distorted;  I tell you, as Metatron, father of thy creation, that you are divine! You are sacred and you will create divine beauty as intended.  

Believe, and do by thought as by love......


    Metatron Enoch


      • Mixed media on canvas

      • 24x36

      • 1.5" Depth


      • All paintings are for interiors only.

      • All paintings in acrylic are varnished. 

      • Oil paintings are not varnished as that may alter colors over time.

      • Please know all paintings are original with no copies, reproductions, Giclees, nor printing unless described.

      • All paintings include the artist’s signature in the back with the date of completion in permanent ink for authentication.


      • All paintings are shipped via USPS or UPS to the continental USA only. International shipments require custom duty fees upon arrival and are therefore not known until the item arrives. The customer is responsible for such fees upon delivery.

      • Ordering a framed art piece may have delivery time delayed by 2 additional weeks due to vendor delays.


      • All orders are final and are not subject to cancellations, exchanges, returns, nor refunds.

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